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"Perhaps one of the most helpful things for me was being in Brewer's machine shop with the actual engine parts. A diagram is nice, a photo in a text is nice, but to actually see the various parts of the diesel was absolutely necessary to really understand what is going on in there and what we must do to maintain our own diesels."
Diesel Engine Workshops, 2016
Don't be intimidated by your diesel engine! Our diesel workshops, run by Bob Gerwig at Brewer's South Freeport Marine will help you understand and maintain the systems so critical to your cruising experience.

Classes begin January 9. Class sizes are limited, so sign up today..

When the magic happens
I re-enter a magnificent world that is simple and easy. A world in which we are ensconced in the beauty and healing power of nature, 24/7. And nature heals; it just does.

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"We've advertised for over a decade and always get strong and positive results."
Eric Fortier, Dockmaster/Broker
South Port Marine
South Portland, Maine

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